zhisou (old blog)

a chaotic shambles

This blog isn´t active anymore. A little while ago I switched it off because it felt like a cluttered millstone. That´s probably not a good metaphor because millstones cannot be cluttered, but it felt both cluttered with posts I no longer liked, and like a millstone too. So I blocked it. I also got tired of the name “MrZhisou” and so when I got tired of being tired and relaunched a brand new minimalist blog, I became simply “zhisou” and named the blog that too. See the link on the right or click below:


Then, a long time after that, I discovered I could export the content of this and load into the new one.

So then I did this page.

That’s us all up to date.

Written by mrzhisou

21 April, 2009 at 11:19 am